High Performance IoT Helium Antennas

Get maximum performance for your IoT Gateway and Helium Hotspot

To get the optimal coverage and return over investment from your Helium hotspot, selecting the right antenna and location is critical. The following points will help you to focus on what matters most
Best results are determined by these factors

Antenna Location

It must be located outdoors and as high as possible


Selecting a high quality antenna with the correct gain is paramount

RF Connection

Use high quality cables to connect hotspot to antenna

Network Connection

Use a fast local network and correct port forwarding configuration
This short but well-structured guide will help you achieve the best possible setup with minimal investment

Antenna Location

Indoor vs Outdoor

An indoor antenna is ok to connect your hotspot with nearby indoor sensors, but performance will be poor with other external hotspots and outdoor sensors. Basically, think on an indoor antenna as a receiver inside a box: you want to get the receiver outside the box to get best performance.

Helium PoC

Helium network currently provides most income as a function of PoC (Proof of Coverage) performan and LoRa beacons, therefore best results requires agile connection with other Helium hotspots.

Antenna Gain


The antenna gain determines how directive the antenna is, how much signal transmit and receives in specific orientation when compared to others.

Optimal coverage options

With three options available you can adjust the setup so it gets best results for nearby and distant hotspots and sensors. Selecting between standard, medium or high gain is straightforward with the step by step guide.

RF Connection

Low loss cables

Regardless how distant or close the hotspot is from the outdoor antenna, a high quality cable is suggested to increase communication reliability and PoC gains. A low quality cable will deteriorate signal and prevent the antenna from offering its full capabilities.


Protecting the hotspot

At the same time the outdoor antenna is located high for optimal coverage, you want to avoid high electric fields in storm weather. A simple Lightning Arrestor device is all you need to get the required protection


Network connection

Internet connection

Internet connection low latency is important because Helium PoC and other packets are very agile. If your internet connection has high latency expect other hotspots to pickup beacons you should be able to pick first. In addition to that is important to correctly setup port forwarding for the Helium network to have a direct connection to your hotspot, avoid relaying connections.

LAN connection

Local Area Network (LAN) is crucial because if there are low quality link from your internet router to your hotspot many packages will be lost or delayed.
Ethernet wired connection is recommended but we have good results with quality Wireless WiFi as well.

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