High performance low loss 3 meter cable

This cable is the best way to connect RF Explorer external antennas to Lightning Arrestor, filters, and work as a cable extension, suitable for indoor and outdoor connections.

Connector gender is 100% compatible with RF Explorer antennas. Note you cannot connect this cable directly to a Helium hotspot, you need additional cable RFEC-1 (1m), RFEC-2 (3m) or RFEC-3 (5m) cable with RP-SMA gender. Contact us if you have questions.


Easily extend your RP-SMA cable length

If you need to connect your antenna to a Helium hotspot several meters away, you can combine RFEC-1/2/3 cable with one or several RFEC-4 cables to get the best length match you need

High quality

Check our detailed datasheet for quality manufacturing parameters. Our strict QC process guarantee best performance in all delivered cables

Very competitive cost

We handle very large cable orders providing volume cost saving to end customers


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